Top 3 Reasons to Book

There are countless reasons to book Motivational Speaker and Disability Speaker Gabe Murfitt. He leaves audiences of any age or gender feeling inspired. His C.L.E.A.R. message is rooted in practical life principles great for any club, school or event. Here are the Top 3:

Disability Awareness

Carefully crafted engaging stories that has audiences laughing one minute and moved to tears the next. At the heart is Gabe's story of hope to inspire many to action.  

National Audience

Oprah, Good Morning America and The Seattle Times are just a few of the many news, shows and publications Gabe has been featured on.  


Gabe lives with a passion level that pushes him to the extreme.  He believes in going after what he wants to go after. Regardless of if they have a disability or not,  your audience will leave feeling inspired to chase after the plan for their life.

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  • “He absolutely had an impact on our students.  Days later students were still talking about Gabe and his message. Not about what he looks like, but about what he said.”

    — Anna, Principal,
  • He was just amazing, so inspirational! The kids were mesmerized. 

    — Amy, PTA President,
  • We just had Gabe at our school, it left me in tears. I try to get kids to understand the potential they have.  It was nice to see Gabe reiterate that to our students. 

    — Dee, School Counselor,



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