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One of the more important things you can do to help people is to tell your story. To me, this means talking about your life in a way people can relate to you– it can have a positive impact on a lot of people.

You maybe reading this and asking why I think this is important. You also maybe saying ‘I don’t have a story to tell!’  Are you breathing? Are you living life? If your answer is yes, especially the first question, then you have a story to tell!! You don’t have to live an extravagant life in order to tell your story. You don’t even have to have lived that long. You just need to live!

Even if you feel like you are not full of experiences, you do not need a list of extraordinary feats. If you have done really cool things with your life that is so awesome and include that in your story. But, if you feel you have only done something small like help someone whose car broke down, or buy someone a drink from Starbucks, that is just as important! Sometimes the small things in life can go a long ways.

It is great to talk about all of the good things that happen in your life but sometimes talking about your struggles are just as important. Telling someone what you have been through can be tough. It may bring up some memories that might be hard to deal with. There are those who may think, “If I don’t tell anyone I am struggling they will think everything is ok.”

If we are able to tell people about different life struggles, then others may relate to you without you even knowing it. You could help each other through hard times. This is not a suggestion to post your life story on Facebook; if the time is right with someone you feel comfortable with you should share. Most likely those people will appreciate your honesty and the similar connection will create a bond that can thrust one another to overcoming these obstacles.

I have had a lot of teachers thank me for being honest when I speak to schools. When I talk about what I went through at UW it helps the students relate to me. No one will be able to relate to being 3’4 or having 3 inch long arms. But there are things, like struggling in school, that people can relate to.

The other reason I tell that story along with others is to show that I am not perfect. I think sometimes we can put on a “show” and people think we have it all together.

It is better for people to know that you may be struggling. Then they can help you or you can get the necessary help.

Whether good or not so good do not hesitate to tell people your story.  Be available to offer advice or make someones day brighter. You never know the impact you could possibly have by just telling a story!


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