The Greatest Feeling in the World

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Goal setting has been an interesting thing for me over my life. My parents and friends have always told me that it is good to have goals. Honestly, I didn’t see the point when I was younger.

Five year plans or a “New Years resolution” were things I have never really been into until I started speaking. I started full time speaking three years ago. When I became a full time speaker I wasn’t sure how much work there was going to be. I thought just shoot a cool video, put it in an email and you will be set for life. WRONG!! Being a speaker is like starting your own business. Lots of hard work, cold calling and guess what…goal setting!!

I think in order to be a successful person we need to have goals. For me these goals that I set to further my career are not about me. I am not doing this to get more Instagram followers or become famous. I do what I do to help people reach their full potential. My hope is that everyone can realize they have potential to do anything they can put their mind to. Don’t get me wrong, there are goals I have set that benefit me. My van for instance. That was one of my biggest goals I had when I turned 16. I was bummed out when I couldn’t have the same experience that every person turning 16 gets. Getting your license! The interesting thing about goals is sometimes being patient can be more beneficial. Here I am eight years later, EIGHT YEARS!!! I now have my license!

The greatest feeling in the world is when you can accomplish something you’ve wanted so bad.

Most people will probably think that your goals are unrealistic. They might say you don’t have what it takes to achieve the things you want. My opinion is that every goal is realistic, just depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. I guarantee you LeBron James didn’t just say I want to be an NBA player and the next day he was winning championships. It took him many hours in the gym practicing his shot, working with his teammates, just getting better as a player. He accomplished his goal but I love how he isn’t satisfied because he is constantly wanting to get better.

I have achieved a lot of things in my life but I am not satisfied. I want to keep getting better as a speaker and keep inspiring as many people as I can. My biggest goal right now is to be in every public high school in America. People have told me itisn’t even possible. Wrong thing to tell a guy like me. Anything is possible with hard work and surrounding yourself with people that have similar goals.


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